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I'm Becca, an embroidery artist and jeweller, otherwise known as Nook of the North. I work from my studio at home here in Yorkshire.

I've always loved drawing, sewing, painting and photography, media I explored in some depth whilst completing my Fine Art Degree. I started embroidering around 15 years ago when our eldest son was born; I needed a project that was easy to pick up and put down so that I could look after him. Embroidery is a great medium for doing a bit here and there, and now we have 3 children, it is still perfect. 

I love lines, textures, colour-blocking, shapes, collaging and composition. Embroidery enables me to explore all of these. The whole process from intricate pen drawings, through painting paper to collage with, to screen printing my Thank You cards is all done by hand. I am very fortunate to have an amazing team that help me achieve this; my husband, Jake, helps with the metal work and my Mother-in-law, Hilary, is a screen printer who helps me with printing and also makes the pouches that my pieces are sent out with. 

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Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you like what I do.